With the growing need for copywriting and content production, there’s a growing need for doing it well.

Good copywriting can solidify brand personality, brand positioning, SEO, SEM, and the list goes on and on, my friends. It can be the difference between a potential customer going from your website to a competitor’s and I simply just don’t want that to happen for you.

My name is Mikaela Delia and I’m an experienced, professional copywriter and content creator. I specialize in copy, content, SEO, social media and all things having to do with the marriage of content and marketing. My writing specialty is self-help and informative pieces, but I can write rich, engaging content on virtually any subject to direct traffic to your site.cropped-zjhl2lgef9cyrql0jfa7kzbw2vucqxdhnx7l3zd9oxde9g5shnn1i.png

Fill out below for a quote or specific samples or writing or content and I’ll get back to you immediately.