Can you get through these 10 absolutely gruesome safety video GIFs? (WARNING: HIGHLY GRAPHIC)

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Bet you can’t. These GIFs are all taken from safety training videos and safety PSA that are considered “high impact”. In other words, the tactic they use to make sure their message resonates with the audience is through creating fear. They use images and clips of safety negligence leading to terrifyingly gruesome accidents. I’ve seen some truly grotesque safety training videos, and let me tell you, if they don’t make you want to work safely and consistently then I fear nothing can. Here are 10 of the absolutely worst ones I’ve seen, and if you can make it through these, then congratulations! You’re just as messed up as I am.


1. Come on, man. Did you learn nothing from Ladder Safety month?


Videos for Safety Meetings” by Educational Resources, Inc.

2. This is why you don’t wear rings….your spouse will understand


High Impact ll” by Atlantic Training

3. The stuff of nightmares.


Videos for Safety Meetings” by ERI Safety Video

How ya doin’? Feeling faint yet? No? Let’s keep going.

4.Proof that we’re pretty much just a meat suit. (That picture is real, btw)


Abrasive Wheel Griding (Gory Story)” by Atlantic Training

5. Well, that’s offputting.


Der erste Arbeitstag” by Stapler Fahrer Klaus

They’re getting progressively worse, have you noticed? Still intrigued? Oh yeah, you’re definitely as messed up as I am.

6. Somehow it’s even worse when you anticipate what’s coming….


Top 10 Scariest Work Safety PSAs

8. Us puny humans are easy for machines to dismember.


Videos for Safety Meetings” by Educational Resources Inc.

9. Hand stuck in a meat grinder…..terrifying.

Lockout Tagout Gory Story” by Atlantic Training

Are you ready to handle the most disturbing one?

10. This one might bother me for the rest of the week, to be honest.


Top 10 Scariest Work Safety PSAs


Bottom line: Don’t learn safety by accident! Be proactive, ask questions, be smart, and don’t cut corners!

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