How to Feel Great About How You Look

You clicked on this article because there’s something about your physical appearance that you’re discontent with. Maybe it’s stretch marks, maybe is your natural shape, maybe it’s this, that and the other damn thing. The first thing you need to know is that literally every single human on this Earth is in some way unhappy with something on their physical exterior. To say you are not alone is a severe understatement!

The second thing you need to know is that your constant disgust with how you look is making things a hundred times worse. You see, you’ve built a perception of your physical appearance that shines through when you look at pictures of yourself, look in the mirror, etc. But guess what? The kicker is that you never really know how you actually look! Mirrors and pictures give us some idea, but they’re a fairly inaccurate glimpse of how you look. So you’re basing your judgments of how you look on inaccurate information delivered by photos, mirrors, and scales!



The third things you need to know is something that you already knew. You have the power to change what you dislike about your appearance, no matter how difficult it may seem. I’m sure you’ve heard this before when complaining to someone about one of your specific insecurities. “Oh, you’re overweight? Just start working out and eating healthy!” Gee, really? I didn’t know that how’s how it’s done! (Goosefraba, we love other people, remember?) The kicker is- no matter how hard you work out, diet, clean your skin to try and get rid of acne, brush your teeth to whiten them etc., etc., etc., it’s all a completely wasted effort, and here’s why…

…The fourth, and one of the most important things you need to know, is that no matter what changes you make to your outward appearance, you have an inwardperception of yourself that you need to change. How you perceive your looks can radiate onto the perception of how other people see your looks. Constantly embarrassed of your acne? Other can feel that coming from you because your own negative energy is directed right at your acne, capturing the attention and perception of how others see you. They’ll pick up on that negative energy and will be directed to look at your acne; or whatever insecurity it is you have.



Try this for me: I want you to think about your biggest insecurity. I then want you to think about your best feature. Close your eyes and picture them side by side in your head. Now, in your head, shatter the image of your biggest insecurity and focus on your best feature. It won’t be easy, but every time you start to feel yourself focusing on your biggest insecurity, I want you to actively switch it to praising your best feature. Do that with every one of your biggest insecurities, pair it with your best feature and let your love for your good features overpower your distaste with your flaws. The more you focus on your good features, the more you direct others’ focus to your good features. Keep practicing this, and soon it’ll seem as though your worst feature really isn’t that bad anymore! That stretch mark won’t seem as red and prominent, or you’ll look in the mirror and see the light reflect off your beautiful eyes and won’t make your acne seem as bad as you think it is. When you go looking for those flaws, not only will you find more and more of them but they’ll seem redder, more prominent, etc. when in all actually it’s your perception of it making it look that way to you. When you look at yourself in the mirror, force yourself to see the good. Force yourself to show your body and looks the love it and you deserve. Pretty soon, you won’t have to force it. You’ll love what you see and you’ll actually feel yourself loving yourself. I promise. A simple shift in perspective is incredibly powerful and can manipulate what you and others see.

The fifth thing you need to know (and THE most important): humans. are. beautiful. Humans are a unique manifestation of the Earth’s beauty and you are one of them! What makes them ugly is their behavior, their negative perceptions, and the lack of love they have for themselves and others. You can be the most pleasing person in the world to look at, but if you’re miserable, have a negative outlook on those around you, and don’t love and respect who you are, then you can’t achieve what’s considered truly beautiful. Don’t be that person…be a beautiful person. You already have it in you!


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