How Changing Your Thought Pattern Can Open More Doorways to Achievement

We’ve all had someone tell us to “stay positive” when we’ve divulged to them our current woe or misfortune. Frankly, after someone would say that to me, in my head I almost immediately would think “Easy for YOU to say. I’m going to sit here in my misery and self-pity until I feel better.” It wasn’t until I was older that I realized the profound effect my mind has on my own circumstances. And that feeling miserable and pitying myself wasn’t getting me ANY closer to feeling better. After a while of moping, I decided to start immersing myself in the message “stay positive” and rather than it being a cliché that I’d brush off, it soon became the foundation for every single one of my thoughts. In doing that, I not only achieved more within all areas of my life, but all these positive, pleasant, unexpected occurrences started to take place.

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “what goes around comes around” a million times, but I want you to take a minute to really immerse yourself in that message and think about relevant examples in your life when you’ve seen that take effect. One example could be when you compliment someone and feel great about it after, or when you’ve called someone a mean name because they were going too slow, only to pass them and see that they’re a fragile elderly driver. Which would you rather feel, good? Or shame?

Your mind is a powerful thing. I’m sure you didn’t need me to tell you that, but I feel as though I should stress that because so many people misuse their mind or don’t use it to its full potential. Your mind can act as a magnet that attracts the things you want in life if you think about what you want, envision it, and believe that it’ll make its way into your life. Laterally, your mind can attract negative things into your life, too. For instance, let’s say you’re driving to work and you’re thinking “ugh, I’m SO going to be late.” By thinking that, you’re attracting circumstances into your life that WILL make you late. But if you think “I’m going to be perfectly on time” then you attract circumstances that will get you to your destination in a timely manner.

It’s really hard at first to reverse your usual thought patterns. You actively have to catch yourself thinking negatively, and say the positive opposition to that negative thought. Soon enough, your thoughts will all be positive, which will attract more and more positive situations or occurrences in your life. Additionally, complimenting or well-wishing others also helps attract that which you put out there back to you. If an aggressive driver on the road has just cut you off, rather than immediately resorting to anger and negative comments about that driver, take a deep breath and wish them safe and happy travels. This attracts safety and happiness in YOUR travels. The person most negatively affected by your anger or hate, is you.

Here’s a little chart to help you to get started in changing your thought patterns to incorporate positivity and ultimately more achievements and success into your life:

Skeptical? Try this:

1.    Grab a piece of paper and a pen, and write your name and the date.

2.    Underneath that, write the words (and then read them aloud) “Within the next 24 hours, send me a positive gift. Then, send me a sign, so I know that I have received your gift.” Feel yourself believing in the message. Picture the joy on your face when you receive this gift.

3.    Write down the date and time it will be in 24 hours. During this time, be curious about what the gift will be and actively look forward to it. Also, be your own negativity police, and ward away your negative thoughts; replacing them with “when I think positively, positive things happen”.

4.    This is important: once you receive the gift, give thanks and show gratitude for your gift.

One of the most important parts of a having positive thought patterns, is showing gratitude when you receive the positivity back. Show gratitude and give thanks always, and especially after a positive encounter, circumstance, or occurrence has happened in your life manifested from your new, positive thought patterns. Gratitude is a positive practice, one of the strongest!

Start attracting more achievement, happiness, and success into your life, just by changing your thoughts. Best part is, you can start right now! You’ll see a difference in how you feel immediately. My third and final cliché for you is…think happy thoughts!


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