We Tried Ear Candling…And It Was Life-Changing

My friend told me a few weeks ago about ear candling, and I had heard about it before but it felt almost absurd to me that a candle could extract wax from my ears. Skeptical, I went on Amazon and found Wallys Natural Products 1029719 Candle Plain 4 Candles WLM to try for myself. What could it hurt? (besides burning the ever-loving $%# out of my ear canals).

The ear candles arrived in the mail only a few days later and now that I visually saw them, I was excited to try them. No fears, let’s get de-waxin’.

I took out one of the candles. It’s long, about an inch around and completely hollow. It has a light, waxy coating on the outside, and a “no-drip” filter in the tip, so nothing that was gently sucked out could drip back in (glamorous, I know).

I covered that area around my ear with a wet washcloth, and had a glass of water nearby. You have to “ash” the candle as it burns down every few inches. I placed it in my ear and lit the candle. Initially, I distinguished the flame, but then I discovered you’re supposed to leave it lit. I was nervous about having a flame that large near my head and hair, but I trusted the process and re-lit the candle. Then, something amazing happened.

As the candle burned down, I felt the most amazing sensation in my ears. I heard what sounded like the ocean on a windy day, along with what sounds like the crackling of a summer fire. The sensation of the gentle sucking caused by the chemical reaction of the flame felt relaxing, soothing and absolutely wonderful.

I burned the candle down until four inches from the filtered tip that I inserted into my ear, ashing into the glass of water periodically. I had to see how much wax I’d extracted from ear….I wish I hadn’t.

Inside the bottom of the filter was about an inch long glob of wax as big around as a pencil (dear lordy, could there really have been that much in there?!). My ears felt absolutely amazing after. No more poor hearing, and no more Q-tips EVER AGAIN! Remove wax from your ears with this method for the rest of your life, seriously it’s healthy, natural and an absolutely amazing feeling. It’s meant to be relaxing and therapeutic, so lay down, put on some gentle music, light a candle, and then light your ear candle. You and your ears will be thrilled you did!

Try it for yourself by clicking the candle below!

Already tried ear candling? Let us know how it went for you in the comments below!


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