Hilariously Candid Haunted House Reactions


This Canadian haunted house has got plenty of tricks, making for some side-splitting photos that are a real treat.


The Nightmares Fear Factory of Niagara Falls, Canada takes snapshots of their victims every time they fall prey to one of the scary surprises – and the results are pretty hilarious.


The haunted house has double the fear factor thanks to its boasting urban legend about how their building used to be a coffin factory.


Supposedly, the ghost of the factory owner, Abraham Mortimer, still wanders the building’s hallways at night.


If you’re interested in seeing more spectacularly spooky photos, you can check out the Nightmares Fear Factory’s website and FacebookPhotos by Nightmares Fear Factory.

This article was written by Mckinley Corbley and was retrieved from Good News Network


Help Me Love Humans:

We love a good scare! If you do too but can’t make it to Niagara Falls, grab a new or classic scary movie. We don’t recommend watching it with popcorn though- it might end up all over if you jump when you’re scared.

If you like camping, you know a late-night fire isn’t complete without ghost stories.



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