Grab your Gaiam and Get Goin’


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It’s 2017, and that means that most of us finally have yoga on our radar. If you don’t, hop on the train by reading 38 Health Benefits of Yoga. You may be shocked to find out how yoga can help you. Need more convincing? Watch this incredible video of a Grandma making a big comeback.

Assuming that you’re amazed, let’s get you started. Gaiam makes great quality yoga products (as well as all kinds of other stuff)!

They offer Yoga Kits in every price range, so you can grab everything that works best for your needs and budget all at once. If you already have the basics, that’s great.

  1. Yoga for Beginners Kit
  2. Athletic Yoga Starter Kit
  3. Athletic Yoga All-Star Kit

Gaiam also has a large selection of yoga accessories.

  1. Grippy Yoga Mat Towel
  2. Banyan & Bo Ultra-Grip Yoga Socks
  3. ToeSox Grippy Half Toe Knee High Socks
  4. Gaiam Sol Premium Yoga Strap

Not sure if yoga is right for you? Check out our article on Beer Yoga. We think you may find that it is right for you after all.


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